Audit Azure ARM Networks

Consultants love to audit environments and there is no better use of a script than for this purpose.

This script lists out the virtual networks and subnets in a subscription.

Remember there is always a better way to do things and if you have a better way don’t forget to share.

$FindNetworks = Find-AzureRmResource | where {$_.ResourceType -like "Microsoft.Network/VirtualNetworks"}</code>

$out = @()

Foreach ($Network in $FindNetworks)
$Name = $Network.Name
$ResourceType = $Network.ResourceId
$ResourceGroupName = $Network.ResourceGroupName
$Location = $Network.Location

$VNetDetail = Get-AzureRmvirtualNetwork -Name $Network.Name -ResourceGroupName $Network.ResourceGroupName

$props = @{

VNetName = $Network.Name
ResourceGroup = $Network.ResourceGroupName
Location = $Network.Location
AddressSpace = $VNetDetail.AddressSpace.AddressPrefixes
Subnets = $VNetDetail.Subnets

$out += New-Object PsObject -Property $props
$out | Format-Table -AutoSize -Wrap  VNetName, AddressSpace, Subnets, ResourceGroup, Location
$out | Out-GridView -Passthru

Disclaimer:  Please note although I work for Microsoft the information provided here does not represent an official Microsoft position and is provided as is.

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