#LifeofanSE – Let’s Begin

Welcome to the Life of an SE.  The world of the SE, a.k.a. Sales Engineer, Systems Engineer and more recently Solutions Engineer is for me and I’m sure many aspiring and current SEs an interesting one.

No day is the same, demands are constant, travel a given and listening and talking at the same time required. No one really knows how on earth they ended up doing the job, I’m sure that is changing but for  my generation we are a band of high functioning misfits who just know how to explain stuff.

There are some good resources out there  that can help you on your path.  The best for me is Mastering Technical Sales the website is full of interesting information and resources and the accompanying book Mastering Technical Sales by John Care and Aron Bohlig a book you will need, I reference it on a regular basis.  

Here I don’t intend to repeat their good work but to give you a blow by blow account of my working life.  Through that I aim to draw on what is working and what is not.  I will drift into the past I’m sure but there has been a lot of that and experience in this role can be a good thing.  I’m starting this 8 years in and in Q4 (I must be mad) but hopefully you’ll discover why I consider myself very lucky indeed and many describe being an SE as the highlight of their career.

Wherever you are good luck!